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Concrete Berms

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Welcome to DENIOS' exclusive range of cutting-edge Concrete Berms—an unparalleled solution designed to revolutionize containment within industrial facilities. Our HazBerm stands as a benchmark in creating modular and expansive containment areas, redefining traditional berms and curbs with efficiency and adaptability.

Crafted with innovative polymer concrete segments, our HazBerm offers remarkable chemical and fire resistance, ensuring robust containment capabilities. Its patent-pending modular design allows for tailored sizing, catering to the unique requirements of each application. Available in versatile tan or black options, these berms eliminate the need for floor footers, forms, or on-site concrete pouring—delivering hassle-free installation and swift deployment.

Our HazBerm is the go-to solution for compact spaces with well-maintained floors and is ideal for large liquid-holding vessels or tanks. Its seamless installation involves securely bolting the berm pieces to the floor using the provided hardware, creating a liquid-tight seal with chemically resistant and fireproof caulk. This berm isn't just a containment solution; it's a testament to adaptability, allowing effortless relocation to meet evolving containment needs. Integrated with DENIOS US Spill Barriers, it ensures convenient access to the containment area while exceeding industry standards for safety and compliance. Explore our range today to discover how our HazBerm can transform your containment requirements with unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

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Advantages of Denios' Concrete Containment Solutions

Chemical and Fire Resistance in Concrete Containment

Discover Denios' premier line of Chemically Resistant Concrete Berms, meticulously engineered to withstand the most challenging chemical environments. Crafted from durable polymer concrete segments, these berms offer unparalleled chemical and fire resistance, ensuring maximum safety for your storage areas. Available in tan or black, our berms provide exceptional protection and add a professional aesthetic to your containment solutions. Easy to install without the need for floor footers or on-site concrete pouring, these berms offer versatility and convenience. Seamlessly combine our HazBerm with Denios US Spill Barriers for effortless entry or exit, optimizing your containment area for efficiency and safety.


DENIOS presents the Exclusive HazBerm, a breakthrough solution for crafting large, modular containment zones within facilities. This innovative system is a superior alternative to traditional berms and curbs, offering versatility and efficiency for various industrial applications. Its patent-pending modular design ensures tailored sizing for every need, allowing seamless adaptation to diverse setups.

Crafted with polymer concrete segments, the HazBerm boasts exceptional chemical and fire-resistant properties, ensuring robust containment capabilities. The system is swift to supply and install, streamlining the process for immediate deployment. Available in tan or black, it eliminates the need for floor footers, forms, or on-site concrete pouring, enhancing convenience and speed of implementation.

This solution is ideal for containing large liquid-holding vessels or tanks and is especially recommended for smaller footprints with level and well-maintained floors. The installation process is hassle-free; the berm pieces are securely bolted to the floor using the provided hardware, eliminating the need for laborious floor alterations. Seamlessly sealed with chemically resistant and fireproof caulk, the HazBerm ensures a liquid-tight seal, providing adaptable and secure containment. Moreover, its modular design enables effortless relocation, offering flexibility in meeting evolving containment needs. It seamlessly integrates with DENIOS US Spill Barriers, providing convenient access to the containment area.

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