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All types of containment, manual or automatic, different sizes & more!

DENIOS offers an extensive selection of barriers designed for various containment needs. We have you covered whether you address spills within your facility or focus on critical areas such as chemical storage or flood prevention.

Our range includes options like manual barriers in our shop and engineered solutions to cater to diverse requirements.

We have a wide variety of models adapted to your needs. Depending on the type of barrier, it is recommended to a greater or lesser extent for warehouses with few pedestrian or vehicle doors to protect and indoors where there is no excessive movement of people. Or vehicles so that their position is always horizontal and avoid possible leaks.

Pop-up Barriers

Do you worry about spills, floods, or sprinkler releases damaging your facility? The spill control innovators at DENIOS have the solution for you. With over 30 years of experience and 1,000+ Barriers manufactured, we have you covered.

Our Pop-Up Barriers are self-contained, passively powered, and a self-closing solution that can save your facility or lives. There is no power, people, or external sensors needed. It is entirely automatic!

The Passive Pop-Up Flood Barrier is installed easily in existing doorways and stored horizontally on the floor, permitting regular vehicular and personnel traffic until a flood occurs. With the first flow of water, the barrier automatically closes. No additional ramps or berms are needed.

During significant spills or sudden sprinkler discharges, confining the spill to a single room or specific area can help minimize the expenses of cleanup and facility impairment. Pop-up spill Barriers offer the necessary safeguard to contain substantial spills. These barriers promptly seal off doorways or openings within the impacted space when liquid flow is detected.

Why choose a DENIOS Pop-Up Barrier?

  • For Spills...

For businesses handling chemical storage, the constant risk of leaks and spills poses a significant threat. Installing a Pop-Up Spill Barrier offers a practical solution, whether to segregate incompatible materials within a spacious facility or to effectively contain potential spills and sprinkler releases at all access points along the facility's perimeter.

  • For Floods...

Warehouse facilities, equipment, and merchandise are susceptible to damage caused by flooding. Surprisingly, over 80% of flood-related losses occur from floodwaters less than 15 inches high. Installing an FM-approved Pop-Up Flood Barrier on exterior doors provides a reliable solution for safeguarding lower-level building access points or implementing design and usage modifications to mitigate flood risks.

What are the benefits?

  • Operates autonomously without the need for electricity or human intervention

  • Instantly activates

  • Provides a seamless, unobstructed flat doorway opening

  • Requires zero space as all components are recessed and flush with the floor

  • Complies with building codes

  • Effectively reduces the risk of substantial insurance claims

Pop-Up Barriers Sales Brochure

Do you want to know how a Spill or Flood Barrier works? Check out our brochure to learn more about:

  • Description and Features

  • How it works

  • Approvals

  • Installation

We are happy to advise you!

Tailor-made advice & service fulfillment at your fingertips. Our advisors go the extra mile to fulfill your needs. Take advantage of our phone, mail or on-premise service offers.

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Manual Barriers

Our manual containment barriers offer a swift and efficient solution for retaining harmful liquids. These barriers ensure the effective containment of pollutants with a minimal economic impact.

We provide a diverse range of models tailored to meet your specific requirements. The suitability of each barrier depends on factors such as the facility's layout, the number of pedestrian or vehicle access points, and the level of activity indoors. For warehouses with limited doors and low traffic, certain barrier types are more advisable to maintain a consistently horizontal position and prevent potential leaks. Emphasizing safety as a core aspect of our design, keeping the barriers horizontally positioned at all times, especially during periods of inactivity, is recommended.

We are happy to advise you!

Tailor-made advice & service fulfillment at your fingertips. Our advisors go the extra mile to fulfill your needs. Take advantage of our phone, mail or on-premise service offers.

Expert advice 1-877-388-0187

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