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Temporary Leak Protection

RuptureSealTM is a line of quick and easy leak-stopping devices that is durable, easily deployed in seconds and forms a secure mechanical seal that stops the leak for hours. Using newly patented technology, RuptureSealTM can safely close breaches, minimize damage, help protect the environment, preserve health and safety, potentially save thousands of dollars through spill remediation, and save lives.

Keep it on hand in case you experience an emergency leak – experience up to 10 hours of relief until a permanent fix is available. This industrial grade, temporary leak protection is operated quickly by compressing a silicone pad into the rupture, just pull back easily on the handle and the seal becomes mechanically fastened in place.

The BEST solution for fuel & chemical spills

Better than tape. Better than foam...

Rupture Seal products are available in 4 sizes and compatible with over 40,000+ substances - more than any other product on the market. In just seconds Rupture Seal creates a safe mechanical seal to plug even rough, unclean or splintered surfaces, making it the best all-in-one solution for the control of fuel and chemical spills, for hazmat and first responders, transport container and saddle tank ruptures, forklift punctures, pipe leaks, breaches and more. Faster to deploy than puddy compounds, urethane foam or wooden/screw plugs - and easier to remove after the fact. And unlike sealing tape, Rupture Seal is compatible for fuel leaks.

A fuel leak from as small as a 2" puncture can result in an average of $15,000 in clean up costs. Your response needs to be fast, clean, and effective. You need Rupture Seal!

Deploys in Seconds!

Step 1:

Approach the rupture from the side, outside the path of the flow of liquid. Flip the pin so it is parallel with the nylon tie.

Step 2:

Insert the pin into the rupture. Once the pin is in the rupture, quickly let go and drive the plug into the rupture, holding it in place to stop the flow of liquid.

Step 3:

As you push the plug into the rupture, GENTLY pull on the handle. When the handle is fully extended and the clicking stops, the RuptureSealTM is deployed.

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