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5 Applications - 5 Proven Products

In many companies, hazardous substances are stored in drums. However, the need for safe and ergonomic transport is underestimated. Incorrect handling can lead to serious environmental and health hazards - in the uncontrolled release of hazardous substances. In addition, employees are also at risk by manually transporting, lifting, or holding drums. Suitable work equipment reduces the risks of in-house drum handling to a minimum. We introduce you to essential products for different application situations.

Drum Dollies

Universal for easy transport


Drum dollies consist of a stable floor platform with smooth-running castors. They allow easy maneuvering of standing barrels at the workplace and transport over short distances. Thanks to their lightweight, space-saving design and their exceptional maneuverability, drum dollies are also ideal for use in areas where space is limited.

Product information:

  • Different sizes for all common drum types (60, 205, and 220-liter drums)

  • With drawbar for a more comfortable transport

  • With tilt function, eg for emptying the drum by pump

  • Made of stainless steel, especially for the food or pharmaceutical sector

  • With integrated spill tray (PE or steel)

  • Electrically dissipative models for use in hazardous areas

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Drum Carts

Safe transport with significantly reduced effort


With a drum trolley, heavy drums can be transported over much longer distances with significantly reduced effort. An integrated transport safety device in the form of a belt or a chain ensures a secure hold. Some models offer additional practical functions, such as loading spill pallets.

Product information:

  • Different sizes for all common barrel types (60, 205, and 220-litre drums)

  • Fully rubberized tires for particularly smooth-running transport or pneumatic tires for use on uneven surfaces

  • With tilt function for emptying the drum by pump

  • With tilt function and stability, e.g. for filling from lying barrels

  • With function for loading spill pallets (depending on the model, up to 365 mm tub height)

  • Electrically dissipative models for use in hazardous areas

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Drum manual Lifter

Lifting drums in hard to reach places


For special application situations such as the loading of a drum or the targeted lifting of a barrel, forklift attachments or drum tongs are the ideal choice. They consist of sturdy steel or flexible chain constructions that are simply hooked to the crane.

Product information:

  • Different sizes for all common barrel types (60, 205, and 220 liter barrels)

  • Models for standing or lying barrels

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Forklift Attachments

Motorised transport over long distances


If you require drums to be transported outdoors but do not want to buy a completely new machine, practical attachments can be added to your forklift trucks, allowing your forklift to pick up and transport drums safely. 

Product information:

  • Different sizes for all common barrel types (60, 205, and 220-liter barrels)

  • Grippers that allow the simultaneous transport of 2 drums

  • Electrically dissipative models for use in hazardous areas

  • Special drum turner which allows the barrel to tilt for filling or storage

  • Special drum gripper for lifting lying barrels 

  • Drum tongs for controlled turning and filling

  • One-person operation

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Hydraulic equipment

Load pallets, sumps or shelves effortlessly


Drum lifters are indispensable tools for loading pallets, sumps or shelves. The effortless and precise lifting and lowering of the drum is usually realised by means of a lifting drawbar or foot hydraulics. Standard integrated castors ensure good maneuverability and also enable transport over shorter distances.

Product information:

  • Different sizes for all common barrel types (60, 205 and 220 litre barrels)

  • With special barrel turner, which allows tilting of the barrel for filling or further storage

  • Various construction and lifting heights for different applications

  • Various, partly adjustable suspension variants that allow overrunning or underruning of Euro pallets or cornering

  • Battery-powered models for lifting and lowering without manual effort (optimal ergonomics for frequent use)

  • ATEX certified models for use in hazardous areas

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