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Densorb Absorbents

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DENSORB absorbents socks and booms are ideal for containing leaks in areas that are difficult to access. They come in Universal, HazMat, and Oil-Only.

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Absorbents & Spill Kits

Absorbents & Spill Kits

Small leaks or spills are more than housekeeping issues; they are a liability. And sorbents are an effective way to quickly contain and clean-up these accidents before they become problems.

Typically made of polypropylene, sorbents are commonly offered for three different groups.

Universal for both water-based and oil-based chemicals

Oil-Only for use on water to absorb floating hydrocarbons

HazMat for aggressive, caustic chemicals


DENSORB Sorbents are characterized by their highly absorbent properties. In the recent past, sorbents have been viewed by the marketplace as commodity item; with each performing at about the same level as the other. But as manufacturing techniques have evolved higher quality sorbents- like Fine Fiber Sorbents- have been developed.

Fine Fiber Sorbents, as opposed to standard coarse fiber sorbents, are a tightly woven net of eight layers of sorbent material. The resulting product is a superior performing sorbent in the critical areas of durability, absorption, and chemical retention. Fine Fiber Sorbents resist ripping and tearing, will absorb upwards to 16 times their weight, and will do this with little or no leakage.

  • Universals
  • HazMat
  • Oil Only
  • Spill Kits

DENIOS DENSORB Fine Fiber Sorbents also come pre-packed in Emergency Spill Kits. These kits come in a variety of spill capacities and feature a mix of sorbent products- all designed to help you react quickly, efficiently, and effectively to spills ranging from a few ounces to many gallons.

Fine Fiber Sorbents

Oil absorbents: As the name suggests, these absorbents are for hydrocarbon-based liquids such as petrol, diesel and lubricants. Oil absorbents do not filter or demulsify a solution. They do not absorb water but you can apply them in or to water with ease. This type of absorbent is available as DENSORB Absorbent Granules, which absorb oil spillage.

Universal absorbents: Universal absorbents such as DENSORB Absorbent Rolls are ideal for absorbing cooling, solvents, emulsions and non-corrosive liquids and chemicals. Some of these absorbents contain cellulose, which means that they will react when they come into contact with oxidizing or corrosive liquids. Therefore, it is important that you check the composition and not use certain products with liquid chemicals that can react with the absorbent material.

Special absorbents: DENIOS also has special absorbents designed for corrosive liquid chemicals such as acids and alkali. For example, you can use DENSORB Absorbent Socks in circumstances when the liquid is unknown and you fear that it is aggressive in nature.

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