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Absorbent Pads

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DENSORB absorbent materials from the Universal range provide fast and safe absorption. They are effective for oils, coolants, solvents, water, non-aggressive acids, and alkalis.

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Chemicals absorbent Pads

Medium and Heavy weight

DENSORB absorbent pads are perfect for covering large areas, offering protection on or under machinery prone to leaks. They come in convenient cardboard cartons for easy dispensing.

Drum Top Pads

Keep Drum Tops from collecting spilled liquid:

  • Pre-cut in 22" diameters for 55-gallon drums

  • Cut-out hole for 2" bung opening

  • Choose between Universal or Oil-Only covers

Choose the right type for your application

Universal Pads

Choose Universal Pads for versatile industrial and commercial cleanup, effectively absorbing oil- and water-based non-aggressive liquids with their Fine Fiber polypropylene material.

Use these for routine maintenance and repair work wherever spills, drips, or leaks are likely. Choose Medium weight for absorbing more minor cleanups and Heavy for larger spills.

Oil-Only Pads

Choose Oil-Only Pads designed with water-repelling properties and coated fibers for efficiently absorbing oils, fuels, and hydrocarbons. These pads are medium-weight for regular volumes and heavy for larger spills.

Hazmat Pads

Hazmat Pads offer excellent resistance to various chemicals, including acids and bases, while quickly absorbing water- and oil-based liquids.

The unique melt-blown technology provides a highly efficient absorbency and a rugged, tear-resistant construction.

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