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Spill and Leak Response

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Welcome the leading source of leak control and drain protection products. The DENIOS mission is to deliver superior leak prevention and management solutions that ensure workplace safety and environmental care.

Explore our comprehensive selection, including drain covers and leak diverters, to shield your premises from accidental leaks and spills. Our products are designed to keep your drains clear of pollutants and reduce the effects of hazardous substances.

We recognize the critical need for proactive leak management to uphold a secure, regulation-compliant environment. Committed to excellence, we provide dependable, high-quality products that reduce risks and safeguard your assets.

Visit us today to find diverse leak control and drain protection options suited to your unique needs. Experience the ease of protecting your facility from leaks with our intuitive platform and streamlined ordering process. We appreciate your trust in us as your partner in leak management and environmental safety.

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Spill and Leak Protection: Safeguarding Your Environment

Importance of Spill Management

No matter how prepared an organization is, spills can occur unexpectedly, posing risks to safety and the environment. Quick and effective response is critical. Our spill and leak protection solutions are tailored to various industries, offering reliable containment and cleanup measures.

Regardless of substance, spills demand immediate attention to prevent accidents and environmental harm. Our spill response products ensure you're prepared to handle any situation promptly and effectively.

Industries That Require Spill Control

There are various industries where spill control and containment are essential. These industries include:

Food Manufacturing: Maintaining hygiene standards is paramount in this industry. Our spill control products help contain spills, ensuring safety and cleanliness.

Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors: Spills are everyday in these settings, but our solutions streamline cleanup efforts, minimizing downtime and costs.

Construction: Daily operations often involve oil usage, increasing spill risks. Our spill kits and materials help contain and mitigate oil spills effectively.

Transportation: Accidents on roads or in distribution centers can lead to hazardous spills. Our products help mitigate these risks, safeguarding the environment.

DENIOS Protection: Tailored Solutions

We understand the importance of quick response, especially for indoor and outdoor leaks. Our drain seals and accessories offer precise containment solutions for various applications, ensuring minimal impact.

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The individual in charge should identify (to the extent possible) all hazardous substances, the conditions present, handling procedures, the amount of liquid, and potential dangers. The most important thing to consider here is if the spill is life-threatening. If so, dial 911.


Once an individual has determined that the spill is not life-threatening and is manageable, protect the cleanup team by properly outfitting them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This includes PPE suits, respirators, boots, gloves, and goggles.


Stop the spill at its source. This can be done by turning a valve, rolling a drum over, or using a leak stopper product like the DENIOS Rupture Seal


Adequately containing the liquid can limit the spread and exposure of the spill. This can be done by utilizing appropriate equipment, like DENIOS SPILL KITS, and proper absorbents, like absorbent socks.


Acids and Bases will need to be neutralized; oil and their by-products can sometimes be emulsified.


DENIOS carries a full assortment of spill-cleanup products that can work on any spill. The essential cleanup product is our absorbents line. Depending on the liquid you’re cleaning up, we cover you with Oil-Only, Universal, and HazMat pads, rolls, socks, and boom.


Cleaning a spill means properly cleaning the cleanup crew and their equipment afterward.

For more information, please visit our Leak Emergency Plan article or download our 10-step emergency leak plan poster.

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